Dr. Asim Suleman

I work as a general practitioner (GP) in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Bradford is a relatively deprived area of the country. There is a rich, multicultural community, as well as varied social classes. I am constantly listening and learning from my patients.

My practice website is www.hollynshealth.co.uk


MBChB (2000)
DRCOG (2003)
MCRP (2004)
MRCGP (2005)
DCH (2007)
DOccMed (2008)
MSc Pain Management (2011)

I created Olive Holistic Health Ltd in 2007

I use the company to educate both patients and clinicians. I also work as an independent Occupational Health Physician. This work provides an insight into how chronic pain impacts upon every aspect of an individual’s life.